May 28: Preview: J. Pittman McGehee, Distinguished Ashley Lecturer

Facilitator: Larry Anderson

In today’s Forum we’ll talk about spirituality as we prepare for next weekend’s Ashley Lecturer, J. Pittman McGehee. His perspective as a Jungian analyst and Episcopal priest will draw on depth psychology.


Larry Anderson will start the discussion and offer some “teasers” to think about. Larry is a retired psychologist and former minister. He is a frequent presenter of the Forum.


June 4: Ashley Lecture

Facilitator: J. Pittman McGehee

Dr. McGehee is our spring Distinguished Lecturer, part of the Walter E. Ashley Memorial Lecture Series. He will lecture Friday night at 7 PM, Saturday at 10 AM and 1 PM, at the Sunday Forum (9 AM, in the Sanctuary), and will preach at the Sunday service after the Forum (10:30 AM). There is no charge for the latter two lectures.

Rev. McGehee is an Episcopal priest and former Dean of Christ Cathedral in Houston, Texas.  He is a Jungian analyst in Austin Texas, a publicist and essayist, and is also a faculty member of the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. He is the author of three books and serves on the faculty of the Haden Institute, an organization dedicated to the intersection of Spirituality and Jungian psychology.


June 11: Summary – J. Pittman McGehee

Facilitator: Larry Anderson

As is customary after a visiting Distinguished Lecturer, our own Larry Anderson will lead a discussion about last Sunday’s speaker whose overall theme was “Making the Transcendent Immanent.”

Larry, a former minister and retired psychologist, is a frequent presenter at Forums.


June 18: Neurocognitive Disorders – Dementia Overview 

Facilitator: Rebecca Sharp-Cassanego

This Forum is designed to help participants understand the features of dementia and the impact of the disease process on the brain. Also included are the different types of dementias and the often widely differing presenting symptoms. The session will be informal and easily understood with questions encouraged.

Rebecca Sharp-Cassanego is the RN Team Lead for the Vaya Health Geriatric and Adult Mental Health Specialty team. Over the past 36 years, Rebecca has worked in multiple settings, including mental health and substance abuse. She has a passion for education and especially likes working with older adults around mental health issues such as dementia. Says Rebecca, “Understanding the disease process no matter what diagnosis positively impacts the well-being of both the individual and their loved ones.”


June 25: The Striking Power of Advocacy

Facilitator: Dawn Kucera

It is good to be passionate about a cause or issue, even better to be able to advocate for it in public. Would you like to advocate publicly for a cause or issue you are passionate about, but are not sure how to go about it? In Forum, Dawn Kucera will show you several ways to do it, with some concrete examples.


Dawn, a member of First Congregational for about five years, has found her niche in the Ministry of Worship and in the past year and a half, as a member of the choir. Dawn worked as a communications project manager for the United States Air Force as a civilian employee for 30 years. In that capacity she did many different kinds of writing. She used those skills to lead the Letters to the Editor team for the local Democratic Party, and she has been a monthly columnist for the Hendersonville Times-News for over four years. Dawn has presented her ideas for public advocacy to local universities and civic groups.


July 2: The Purpose of Human Life - Part 2

Romella and Edward O’Keefe

Dr. Don Emon presented a Forum on May 21st on the importance of being clear about  one’s life purpose. Earlier, Ed O’Keefe presented thoughts on this same subject at a Writers’ Forum (April 2). Ed and Romella are collecting ideas from Forumites for presentation at this final Forum related to this important topic. Look upon it as a personal Mission Statement. Call Ed with your ideas at 828-890-4889 to be included in the handout.

Ed and Romella coordinate these Forums. Romella, who serves as Assistant Moderator of the church, is a retired Youth Services Early Intervention Director in New York State. Ed retired from a community college where he was an administrator and taught English.

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