First Congregational offers a wide range of opportunities for parishioners to “give back,” within both the church and the broader community. Activities are organized into ministries, which any member can join at any time. Friends are also welcome to attend our monthly ministry meetings. If something interests you, please join us!

When I retired to Hendersonville, I wanted to give something back after decades of focusing on myself. Participating in First Congregational's ministries, social justice groups, and volunteer efforts is giving me the opporutnity to serve Jesus by serving others.

Nancy Keswani

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The Ministry of Worship meets on the second Monday of each month at 1:30pm  in the church library. Church members and friends alike are welcome.

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The Ministry of Worship works with the Pastor and the Minister of Music/Pastoral Associate in planning, preparing, and leading the Sunday morning service.

The Ministry:

  • Provides liturgy for special services
  • Prepares the chancel for Communion, worship, and special services
  • Trains and schedules ushers, acolytes, liturgists, Communion servers, and prayer chaplains
  • Maintains the fellowship and informational brochures in the pews and welcome packets

Those who choose to be a part of this Ministry have an opportunity to learn what goes into putting together a worship service other than the preaching and the music, such as understanding:

  • The different colors of the hangings on the pulpit, Communion table, and lectern
  • Who prepares the Communion Elements and how
  • The requirements to be an usher or a greeter
  • Why we have our form of Worship Service on Sunday morning


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The Ministry to Members and Friends serves our congregation by addressing a wide range of church and individual needs.

The Ministry: 

  • Supports Sunday Morning activities by facilitating Adult Forum, childcare, and our sound system
  • Cares for members via transportation and prayer, and with programs specially designed to welcome newcomers
  • Organizes our Connections program, which provides a contact for every congregant to share both concerns and celebrations.
  • Provides hospitality by coordinating our weekly coffee hour following worship and our monthly fellowship supper
  • Helps with church administration through maintaining the church library and staffing the reception desk 

Ministry members are uniquely enabled to strengthen their faith by serving others, participating in church life, and deepening the bonds of fellowship.


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Membership in a church can be intimidating. It can be difficult to find one that meets your needs while holding fast to your values. Often it appears that the searcher is required to fit their beliefs into those outlined by an established organization. I have found that one of the strengths, for me, of FCC is the acceptance of those who are searching. One way to proceed with a personal search is to get involved, give of yourself and listen to the ideas around you.   Ken Whitney

The Mission to the Larger Community at FCC strives to facilitate service within and beyond our doors to friends and neighbors. The form that each project takes is designed by those involved. We have room for your ideas on how to share love and we offer an opportunity to learn and grow. You are invited to come to any of our meetings and see if we can help you in your spiritual search.

The Ministry:

  • Hosts the Ashley Lecture Series, which brings leading progressive theologians to Hendersonville
  • Connects with local print and broadcast media to invite community participation in church programs and to share meaningful milestones
  • Researches charitable organizations and donates 16 percent of the church’s offerings to those most consistent with Jesus-centered principles through the Service & Giving team
  • Supports member participation in such local initiatives as the Hendersonville Rescue Mission, the Hunger Walk, the Hunger Coalition, and Feed the Kids
  • Identifies and acts on social justice concerns including advocacy, the environment, gun control, homelessness, immigration/inclusivity, and mental health


Use Our Building

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Community Garden

The Ministry of Physical Resources maintains our building and grounds to ensure that First Congregational’s property is safe, functional, and attractive.​​​​​​​

The Ministry:

  • Cultivates the church’s vegetable garden, which yielded more than 1,000 pounds of produce for the Interfaith Assistance Ministry food bank last year
  • Prunes and weeds around the plantings that enhance our property
  • Maintains First Congregational’s beautiful Memorial Garden
  • Decorates our building’s interior, including artwork
  • Oversees use of the church kitchen and maintains its cleanliness and safety
  • Performs repair and remodeling work within our capacity
  • Organizes and participates in annual work days to assist our custodians with special cleaning and touch-up jobs
  • Helps select contractors for major projects such as roof replacement and solar-panel installation

Ministry members have opportunities to use their gardening and interior-decorating skills, support the fellowship activities that revolve around our kitchen, leverage their handyman capabilities, and apply business knowledge to contractor selection.

The Ministry of Physical Resources meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 10:00 in the church library. Church members and friends alike are welcome.


The Ministry of Financial Resources handles church finances for the good of our fellowship and our neighbors in the community.

Ministry members have opportunities to influence church direction, to engage with others across the congregation, and to enhance the church’s well being by touching every aspect of its activities.

The Ministry of Financial Resources meets on the Tuesday before the second Wednesday of each month at 10:00 in the church library. Church members and friends alike are welcome.

The Ministry:

  • Manages the financial affairs of the church in a fiscally responsible way
  • Plans and executes the annual Stewardship campaign
  • Recommends an annual budget to Church Council based on Stewardship results and input from the ministries
  • Allocates 16 percent of the church’s offerings to charity through our Service & Giving team
  • Provides financial counsel for projects initiated by the ministries
  • Reviews all financial activity, including spending and new requests, on a monthly basis

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The Service & Giving group expresses First Congregational’s commitment to love and serve our neighbor, as Jesus teaches, and to effectively steward the resources entrusted to our care. The church donates 16 percent of its offerings to organizations that help those in need.  Service & Giving also encourages in-kind contributions and hands-on work from the congregation.  Service & Giving also encourages in-kind contributions and hands-on work from the congregation through our volunteer directory.

Our group:

  • Researches the performance of local, national, and international organizations and recommends allocations
  • Develops relationships with organizations that can educate the congregation about those in need
  • Matches financial contributions made by parishioners
  • Assesses the impact of donations

 Service & Giving members experience the joy of giving, develop new relationships both within and outside the congregation, and support the church’s mission to serve our neighbors near and far. The Service & Giving group meets on the second Thursday of each month at 10:00 in Fellowship Hall. Church members and friends alike are welcome.

 I am grateful to belong to a church that donates 16 percent of its offerings to charitable organizations and takes strong stands on social justice issues.

Robert Miles

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