Following each Sunday’s worship service, prayer chaplains are available for one-to-one prayer in the Sanctuary. The one desiring prayer (the “prayee”) and the chaplain sit together and pray – with words or silently.

The subject could be a problem, a death, a sickness, a fear or anxiety… a thanksgiving, a gratitude, a rampage of appreciation, a cascade of praise… or help with future hopes and goals, help in forgiving someone, peace of mind, and other topics.

The role of a prayer chaplain is to:

Set intentions for the greater good of all involved.
Hold sacred space, an awareness of the presence and love of God – right here, right now.
Compassionately listen to the prayee’s concerns.
Pray with the prayee.
Hold everything in strict confidence.

Congregants report finding great solace in paired prayer. All worshipers who wish to are invited to participate.