Environmental Stewardship


We are in the midst of an environmental crisis that is touching every aspect of human society and the natural world.  However, our faith is fundamentally grounded in the concept of resurrection – the human capacity for renewal and rebirth, the ability of the human spirit to rebound and meet huge challenges head on. We also recognize our call to protect and preserve God’s creation.


In a TED Talk, Al Gore noted that, “enough energy from the Sun comes to the Earth every hour to supply the world’s energy needs for an entire year.” While first acknowledging the enormity of the problem of global warming, Gore goes on to conclude that humankind can and will migrate from fossil fuels to renewable energy, with results already being seen on a global basis.


The members of FCUCC Hendersonville have participated in this movement by installing 60 solar panels that will provide roughly half of our electricity needs and save 489 tons of carbon dioxide over the system’s lifetime. The project was funded entirely by members of the church and local community who recognize the call to preserve and protect God’s creation.


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